Vision, Mission and Goals


Being an integrated part of the institution, Jaipuria, Noida LRC vision is aligned with the institution vision i.e. Jaipuria, Noida LRC derives its vision, mission and goals from the parent organization’s vision, mission and goals. As Jaipuria, Noida vision is to be among top three institutes in northern India in next five years, hence our LRC vision is also to be among top three management libraries in Northern India and to excel in the provision and development of LRC resources and services such that other institutions feel envy and our users feel pride.


Our mission is to deliver fully committed LRC and information services at par with the best institution in the country to meet the needs of our internal as well as external users. We shall continuously innovate, develop and deliver our services and resources so as to support the institute, faculty, students and other users in achieving their aims and objectives.

We intend to achieve our mission through:

  • Developing up-to-date collection so as to cover all users’ interest areas;
  • Providing education and opportunities to users for full exploitation of our collection;
  • Providing our users space and atmosphere congenial for peaceful learning;
  • Appreciating value of users’ time and providing them online services at their desktop;
  • On-job training to staff for their attitudinal and technological development;
  • Conservation and preservation of our collection for posterity;
  • Collaborating and networking with other libraries

Our Goals

Continuous upgrading the collection
Procuring and developing collection so as to tune ourselves with change in technology and users’ interests with an eye on guidelines of approval bodies
Easy accessibility
Understanding value of users’ time, provide most of our services at users’ desktops using cutting-edge technology Housing LRC collection such that users can locate his/her desired resources with least possible efforts Use of international classification/cataloguing standards for easy navigation by users
Users and staff training
Conducting regular training programs for users for optimum utilization of LRC collection Regular training programs for staff to better understand collection and technology used so as to be competent enough to serve the uses independently
Congenial environment
Developing and maintaining LRC environment such that users can feel at ease in spending their time in LRCand prefer LRC as their first choice for study
Collection preservation
Carefully preserve the LRC collection for posterity Weeding out the obsolete collection so as to generate space for new collection
Partnership and collaborationfor resource sharing
Networking with other major libraries and LRC professionals for mutual resource sharing so as to serve each other users’ requirements in all possible ways most comprehensively