E-Week is a three-day festival scheduled on 18th, 19th, and 20th March 2021, comprising of a plethora of events that compel you to grab your thinking caps, motivate your inner entrepreneur, and provides you with the perfect platform to showcase your ideas and creativity.

This year, we have planned to organize many events of entrepreneurial nature, workshops, startup stories, seminars, open mic on topics like women entrepreneurship, and a StartUp fair on all 3 days. We will also be felicitating startups & unicorns of recent times.

We promise you an extravagant mix of enthusiasm and knowledge, an era of creative genius colored with strokes of freedom in expression. This event is not only organized to break the monotony of your daily curriculum of virtual classes, but also to express your innate talent and nurture your business ideas into implementable designs.

We look forward to your participation in Neo Business Plan Competition and hope to make it worthwhile.

Neo B-Plan Contest

Keeping in mind the plethora of creativity blooming in the youth, Jaipuria Institute of Management is now bestowing a great blessing in the form of hosting a business plan competition. Its grandeur and charisma will light up enthusiasm and spike the talent to represent great and innovative ideas in the context of the current business strategies. This time the Centre for Entrepreneurship and Family Business- Incubation and Events Committee has come up with a new version of Neo B-Plan Competition. This time the competition has been divided into two segments:

  • Horizon- Family Businesses
  • Akraya- New Innovation and Ideas

The previous NEO Business Plan Competition organized in 2019 saw more than 100 applicants. This year too, we already have more than 50 teams participating from leading engineering, agricultural sciences, and business schools and incubation centers attached with colleges & universities.

We wish to see one of our own teams presenting the best ideation and business plan and move a step closer towards the entrepreneurial journey of their lives. The C.E.F.B. team is hoping for you to raise the bar in research & preparations related to your business ideas. We are always here for your assistance.

Note: The shortlisting of the first two rounds will be different for Akraya & Horizon & the final round will be a collective contest where our team of mentors belonging to our partnering organizations and venture capitalists will be selecting the more promising business plans.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Students should belong to an educational institute during the academic year 2020-21.
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For years, companies in India have been transitioning from family ownership to run operations more professionally.

The classic family enterprise starts with an innovative founder who leads it through some of its most dramatic growth years. It’s increasingly evident that maintaining this entrepreneurial edge is critical for long-term survival. For family businesses, the changing environment poses distinct opportunities and challenges to the business model. Your limitation is your imagination. Break those limitations!

The competition is being organized to identify potential family-run businesses and convert them into futuristic ideas and focus on stimulating young minds to think creatively and work towards innovative business ideas and solutions for the country’s most promising business.e

The participating teams should work on any mid-size business ventures whose owners could be approached easily and should have a relationship with any of the participants close enough to know shareable insights of the respective businesses. The venture should at least have an existence of more than 5 years.

Innovation is a process by which a domain, a product, or a service is renewed and brought up to date by applying new processes, introducing new techniques, or establishing successful ideas to create new value. Although innovation has always been one of the driving forces in competition and has always been a primary competitive dimension, the numerous studies and publications of recent years show that the speed of change is increasing. You are confined within the barriers of your mindset. Break the shackles and innovate to be the best.

The motive of the competition is to promote new ideas and creativeness among the students and to enhance the proactive approach towards innovative ideas.


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Are you aware about the start-ups that have come with a unique idea and are running successfully? Do you seek motivation from them and wish to start your own company or become an entrepreneur? If yes, then this quiz is just for you! The quiz will test your knowledge on the various start-ups that are running in our country.

Participation Criteria

  • Comprises of team participation. (two members only)
  • No limit on the number of participations from one college.
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Can you think of two products that could be brought together for the first time to create a new one? Don’t be afraid to get unconventional. Walk down the aisle of your favourite retail store and watch your ideas abound.

For example- The decision to combine flashlight with a screwdriver was ingenious. It’s now possible to work in the dark spaces without having to hold a flashlight.

  1. It is a team event wherein each team will consist of 2 participants.
  2. Teams will be provided with 2 different products and/or services. They will have to come up with a new product or service by combining the two.
  3. Teams will be required to make a 3 slides PowerPoint presentation and present in front of the jury. On the third slide, there should be an advertisement (Poster or video) for the product.
  4. Participants are free to use images, videos and other graphics in their presentation.
  5. Product or service along with other details will be provided to teams 24 hours prior to the event.
  6. Participants are advised to bring their own laptops.
  7. 5 minutes will be allotted for presenting the idea followed by 2 minutes Q&A round by the panels.
Evaluation Criteria:

The teams will be judged on the following grounds: –

  • Justification of name and tagline of the product.
  • Information about the target audience for the product.
  • Marketing Strategies and business sense.
  • Originality or creativity in the new product.
  • Use of images, videos, and other graphics in their PowerPoint presentation.
  • Ability to answer the questions asked in a logical and confident manner.
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In this event, the participants will be given an outdated product which they will have to innovate in a manner that the innovation brings out a significant change and adds utility to the product.

Participation Criteria
  • Participation will be done in teams. Each team can consist of a minimum of 2 members and maximum of 4 members.
General Rules for the Activity
  • Each team will be allotted a product on the spot.
  • The teams will be given 30 minutes time to prepare which will be followed by a presentation of 5 minutes per team and it will be concluded by a question & answer round.
  • The participants will have to highlight the issue they have addressed and enlist the benefits that would be obtained from their innovation to the product.
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Women who innovate, imitate or adopt a business activity are called Women Entrepreneurs. To start a business constitutes of a lot of hurdles for a woman which includes bundles of social stigmas. In the life of a woman-entrepreneur, only her failures and success are discussed but not the road towards that journey. We are welcoming you to share your difficult journey with us.

  1. It is an individual event.
  2. Only female participants are allowed.
  3. Participants will be given a time limit of 5 minutes only to speak their views.
  4. Winners will be decided based on presentation skills and their content.

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