JAMC 2020

January 2020, Jaipuria Institute of Management in association with Shoe & Accessories publications to bring together top CEOs, policymakers, entrepreneurs, celebrities and thought leaders at ‘Jaipuria Annual Management Conference’ JAMC 2020 in New Delhi. The conference on the business of luxury will witness 15 global professionals from premium, luxury, and services sector congregate to discuss problems and offer solutions to all of the industry’s stakeholders and aspiring young minds.

India’s luxury market is one of the most cultivating markets, wherein the luxury sector has seen incredible growth in the past two decades with mounting branding awareness and growing purchasing power of the upper class. As per ASSOCHAM, India’s luxury market is set to grow to USD 30 billion from USD 23.8 billion by the year-end on the back of growing exposure of international brands amongst Indian youth and higher purchasing power of the upper class in tier II and III. The luxury retailer has realized that India is one of the world’s most vibrant, diverse and challenging markets for brands to capture this market. Today, the market in India garners huge attention as most of the global luxury brands have already arrived and more are expected to enter.

Success of luxury brands is mainly determined by their ability to understand the complexities of the Indian market, to innovate and tweak their strategies to provide affluent consumers unique and bespoke brand experience. India is a distinctive and multifaceted market and reveals a potpourri of cultures, customers, and history.

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09:30 – 09:30 am Registration
10:15 – 10:25 am Inaugural Session
11.00 – 11:30 am Tea Break
11:30 – 13:30 pm Panel Discussion on Theme
12:30 – 12:45 pm Q & A Round
13:00 – 15:00 pm Lunch


Ms. Divyani Mishra
M:+91 95364 56282
E: divyani.misra@jaipuria.ac.in
Prof. B.D Nathani
Conclave Director


With the above backdrop, JAMC 2020 on India’s love affair with luxury shall represent a celebration of the indomitable spirit of India. Jaipuria Annual Management Conference on Luxury would witness the largest gathering of global CEOs of luxury brands, designers, owners of luxury brands, policymakers, strategists, and representation from the Indian government and industry. The day-long power-packed conference would witness globally renowned speakers from the world of Luxury. The audience would comprise of the who’s who of the industry, corporate decision-makers, government officials, policymakers, HNIs, senior representatives from Luxury, fashion curators, socialites, entrepreneurial business people, foreign dignitaries, manufacturers, retailers, as well as consumers. The conglomeration of 60+ industry professionals, 100+ socialities, 15+ foreign dignitaries & media representatives.

We shall invite luxury brands to provide us with an insight into their understanding of the luxury market.

Topics To Be Discussed

  • Luxury Defined
  • Global Luxury Goods – Market Trends
  • Luxury Trends in India
  • Digital Trends in Luxury Industry – From artisanship to A.I.
  • The Inclusivity Paradox: should you target everyone? New Middle class luxury consumers
  • Starting a career in luxury industry