Title page Title (14 point Times New Roman).
Authors Surname, Name 
E-Mail Address(Single space, 10 point Times New Roman; please do not use titles such as Dr., Professor, etc).
Abstract The abstract should be in a paragraph of approximately 500 words (10 point Times New Roman). It should include the rationale, objective, methodology, major results and expected contribution and the track to which it relates.
Keywords Include key variables describing the paper.
Main text The paper should start with introduction and conclude with a summary at the end. Full paper should range between 3000-5000 words, single space, 10 point Times New Roman. The author(s) need to send his/her brief bio-data and the certificate of originality without which it will not be accepted. Author(s) names and affiliations must not appear on any page except for the title page.
Figures and tables Figures and Tables should be placed as close as possible to where they are cited. All tables and figures should be embedded into the file and sized appropriately.
Headings Headings should be in bold type, in 12 point Times New Roman. Main headings should be centered; Sub heading should be flush left with initial caps. Do not use headings other than these two types. At least one line space should separate headings from the preceding text.
Citation As per APA style
References As per APA style.
Appendix The appendix should immediately follow the references.
Paper Submission The authors are required to submit the abstract and full paper online at the Registration link on the website.


  • Relevance: Does the subject of the Paper appeal to the interests of the conference attendees?
  • Methodology: Does the Paper use sound and appropriate method(s)?
  • Originality: Does the Paper add new findings, insights, or knowledge to the body of literature?
  • Research: Does the Paper compare and weigh the material against the work of others?
  • Conclusions: Are the conclusions sound and justified?
  • Managerial Implications: Is the managerial relevance and implications of the decision problem demonstrated?
  • References: Are the references adequate?