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  • Thu

    MDP on Leadership DNA

    Jaipuria Noida


    We are operating in an extremely volatile and dynamic business environment. In order to navigate through turbulent waters (times), we need an entirely different breed of sailors (manager) who are equipped with strategic leadership competencies and passion to convert threats into opportunities.

    Excelling organizations thrive in chaotic situations. In order to create world class organizations, the traditional business managers have to come out of their narrow bureaucratic cocoons and open their wings to soar in the wide global sky. For that, it has to be a skin deep DNA change than a mere cosmetic one-a real transformation from a manager to a leader.

    Such intangible leadership competencies are inherent in most of us. The organizations have to unleash and polish them by creating a culture of development, mentoring and grooming, as leaders are developed, they are not born.

    The workshop, precisely aims at creating this awareness in existing managers by discussing critical leadership competencies and giving live examples from the industry and business world.

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