Boot Camp on Happiness and Wellbeing


No doubt happiness is the ultimate goal of life and we all crave and aspire for it. Happiness is demanded equally by everyone but unfortunately it is not available equally to all. There is something called ‘capability to be happy’ which makes us happier or sad in similar circumstances. The science and art of happiness can help enhancing the individual’s capability to be happy.

Happiness and Wellbeing Summer School is designed to enhance the happiness and general wellbeing quotient of the participants through a scientific understanding of factors driving happiness. This happiness boot camp is divided into two parts—part one is devoted to the macro idea of happiness as it is applicable to society, nation, and world at large while part two is devoted to individual happiness and happiness enhancing experimentations.

The macro concept of happiness emanates largely from the need to find an answer to following

  • Are we happy at workplace? Can there be a policy to enhance happiness at workplace?
  • Are we living in a happy city? Can there be something called Happy City Agenda?
  • Are we living in a happy country? Can happiness be the yardstick to measure nation’s growth?

What are the contours of this alternative development paradigm? What are the practices being
followed across the globe by various countries? What constitutes the measurement framework of
happiness index of growth?

The second part of this boot camp brings about the science and art of happiness for individuals.
Through learning and practice it will familiarize students with the inter-disciplinary concepts of
happiness and well-being. It will enable them to spot and potentially overcome derailers to their
own well-being and take advantage of the enablers. The boot camp also focuses on happiness enhancement experiments wherein participants are able to identify happiness enablers. This is also expected that the course will enhance the happiness quotient of the participants by propelling their ‘capability to stay happy’.

Summer School’s Objectives

  • To analyze macro level developments on the subject of happiness as a measure of managing workplace, cities, and nations
  • To develop factful and scientific temper on the subject of happiness and wellbeing
  • To prepare an action plan towards enhancing personal happiness and wellbeing

Summer School’s Highlights

  • Guided auto-biography exercise
  • Profiling my life today
  • Anonymous observation and peer feedback exercise
  • Analysis of 5 dreams per person in triads
  • Self-reflection and action plan report, configuring a lifestyle of well-being

Registration Fees

The summer school fee is Rs. 12000/- plus GST per participant, which will be payable at the time of registration. The fee is all inclusive and it covers course kit, refreshments, and lunch, certificate of completion and tour expenses (organized as part of the course). The hostel accommodation (AC) is available at a nominal cost of Rs. 800/- per day in twin sharing (inclusive of breakfast and dinner)

How to apply

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