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    Understanding Student-Teacher Relationships

    Jaipuria Jaipur

    Theme of the Workshop

    In a student centric model of education, teacher plays an important role. The success of this approach would largely depend upon the kind of relationship student and teacher share with each other. There can be variety of manners in which a teacher can approach a student, and similarly a student can approach a teacher. This can further be variously perceived depending upon the place / situation where the interface is taking place. For example, classroom interface could be different from outside the classroom interface, and similarly it can be different from hostel, mess, cafeteria, or playground interface. Student centric framework of education does not confine teacher interfacing students only in the classroom, but it also necessitates interaction in all possible walks of students’ life. Therefore, it is imperative that we outline, discuss, deconstruct, and resolve for all possible facets of interface that a teacher is likely to have with students. It is in this context, the workshop aims at experience sharing by faculty, and to take it further to deliberate upon micro issues for a possible common understanding. The purpose of such deliberation is to delineate and sharpen our sense of student interface, remove any misconception that may prevail so as to strengthen the cause of student-centric learning.

    Date : 7th May 2013

    Venue : Jaipuria Instiute of Management, Jaipur, Room No :103

    For Details Contact : Ms. Rashmi Raj, Program Secretary

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