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  • Sat

    National Conference Youth 2025: Harnessing India's Demographic Dividend

    Jaipuria Jaipur

    The Conference aims to provide a platform to bring together youth, youth organisations, government officials, academicians, scholars, practicing managers, organisations devoted to youth and human resource development to exchange research findings, views and experiences on managing and developing youth potential in order to harness the best out of demographic dividend potential for India.

    Of late, India is witnessing unprecedented demographic changes. This is likely to contribute to substantial increase in potential labour force in the country. The census projection shows that India will be one of the few countries in the world with huge number of young population. By 2025, the average age of Indians will be around 25 years and as large as half of Indian population will be dubbed as young while major economies of the world including China will have ageing population. Indian dependency ratio (ratio of non-working population to working population) will decline for India while it will tend to increase for the rest of the world. This is likely to bring about tremendous boost to economic growth in India.

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