Event Information:

  • Thu

    Battle of the Brains : National Level Quiz Competition

    Jaipuria Jaipur

    "Intelligence will never stop being Beautiful"

    Rules and Regulations

    STAGE I: Prelims

    All the participating teams will be asked 20 questions and 6 top scoring teams will qualify for the finals.

    STAGE II: Finals

    Finals shall consist of 6 questions per team in the following rounds:

    Dry rounds- Direct fact based questions will be asked to each team Visual round- Question relating to a photo will be asked to each team Audio visual- A sound clip will be played and a question will be asked relating to that Connect round- A team has to connect four to five different clues shown at ones to come up with the right answer Rapid fire round- 5 questions will be asked to each team

    Generally, the rounds will be on the topic relevant to Finance and Economy of the world. Read More