Periodicals List

S No Name of the Journal Frequency Access
1 Abhigyan Q Print
2 AATMBODH: Journal of Rajarshi School of Management and Technology HY Print
3 AAYAM: AKGIM Journal of Management HY Print
4 Academy of Management Journal BM Print + Online
5 AIMS International Journal of Management 3/Y Print + Online
6 AIMS Journal of Management HY Print
7 AIMS Journal of Research HY Print
8 AIMT Journal of Management HY Print
9 Amity Business Journal HY Print
10 ANVESHAK: International Journal of Management HY Print + Online
11 Apeejay Business Review HY Print
12 Apeejay Journal of Management & Technology HY Print
13 Artha Suchi Q Print
14 Arthshastra: Indian Journal Economics & Research M Print
15 ASBM Journal of Management HY Print
16 Asia Pacific Journal of Management Research and Innovation Q Print + Online
17 Asian Journal of Management Cases HY Print + Online
18 Asian Journal of Water, Environment and Pollution Q Print
19 Asian-African Journal of Economics and Econometrics HY Print
20 BIITM Business Review HY Print
21 BIZ and Bytes HY Print
22 BULMIM: Journal of Management & Research HY Print
23 Business Perspective and Research HY Print + Online
24 Calcutta Statistical Association Bulletin HY Print + Online
25 Chartered Accountant, The M Print + Online
26 Corporate Professional Today W Print
27 Decision Q Print + Online
28 Economic & Political Weekly W Print + Online
29 Emerging Economies Cases Journal HY Print + Online
30 Emerging Economy Studies HY Print + Online
31 FIIB Business Review Q Print + Online
32 Finance India Q Print
33 FOCUS: The International Journal of Management Digest HY Print
34 Foreign Trade Review Q Print + Online
35 GIM Journal of Management HY Print
36 GITAM Journal of Management HY Print
37 Global Business Review BM Print + Online
38 Global Journal of Emerging Market Economies 3/Y Print + Online
39 Global Journal of Enterprise Information System HY Print + Online
40 Gyan Management HY Print
41 Gyankosh HY Print
42 Harvard Business Review M Print + Online
43 Higher Education for the Future HY Print + Online
44 IBA 3D Journal of Management & Leadership HY Print
45 IBMRD's: Journal of Management & Research HY Print + Online
46 IIM Kozhikode Society & Management Review HY Print + Online
47 IIMB Management Review Q Print + Online
48 IIMS Journal of Management Science HY Print + Online
49 IMT Case Journal HY Print
50 India Economy Review M Print
51 Indian Journal of Corporate Governance HY Print + Online
52 Indian Journal of Economics & Business 3/Y Print
53 Indian Journal of Human Development HY Online
54 Indian Journal of Industrial Relations, The Q Print
55 Indian Journal of Marketing M Print
56 Indian Journal of Training & Development Q Print
57 Indian Management M Print
58 Indian Management Researcher HY Print + Online
59 Indore Management Journal HY Print
60 Informs Transactions on Education (Online) 3/Y Online
61 Insurance Times M Print
62 International Journal of Applied Marketing & Management HY Print + Online
63 International Journal of Business Analytics and Intelligence HY Print + Online
64 International Journal of Cross Cultural Management 3/Y Print + Online
65 International Journal of Management Research HY Print + Online
66 International Journal of Rural Management HY Print + Online
67 International Journal of Tourism and Travel HY Print + Online
68 International Journal on Customer Relations HY Print + Online
69 Jaipuria International Journal of Management Research HY Print
70 JIM QUEST: Journal of Management and Technology HY Print
71 JIMS 8M: International Journal of Indian Management & Strategy Q Print
72 Jindal Journal of Business Research HY Print + Online
73 JME: Journal of Management & Entrepreneurship Q Print
74 Journal of Commerce & Business Studies Q Print
75 Journal of Creating Values HY Print + Online
76 Journal of Creative Communications 3/Y Print + Online
77 Journal of Emerging Market Finance 3/Y Print + Online
78 Journal of Entrepreneurship & Innovation in Emerging Economies HY Print + Online
79 Journal of Entrepreneurship, The HY Print + Online
80 Journal of Health Management Q Print + Online
81 Journal of Heritage Management HY Print + Online
82 Journal of Human & Work Management HY Print + Online
83 Journal of Human Value 3/Y Print + Online
84 Journal of IMS Group HY Print
85 Journal of Institute of Public Enterprise, The Q Print + Online
86 Journal of Management Research 3/Y Print + Online
87 Journal of Marketing BM Print + Online
88 Journal of Operations and Strategic Planning HY Print + Online
89 Journal of South Asian Development 3/Y Print + Online
90 Journal of Strategic Human Resource Management 3/Y Print + Online
91 Journal of Supply Chain Management Q Print + Online
92 Journal of Supply Chain Management Systems Q Print + Online
93 Journal of World Economic Review, The HY Print
94 LBS Journal of Management & Research HY Print
95 LIBA Journal of Management HY Print
96 Library Herald Q Print
97 Management Accountant, The M Print + Online
98 Management and Labour Studies Q Print + Online
99 Management Dynamics HY Print
100 Management Effigy HY Print
101 Margin: The Journal of Applied Economic Research Q Print + Online
102 Metamorphosis: A Journal of Management Research HY Print + Online
103 MIT Sloan Management Review Q Print + Online
104 NHRD Network Journal Q Print + Online
105 NICE Journal of Business HY Print
106 Nitte Management Review HY Print + Online
107 Oorja HY Print
108 OPSEARCH Q Print
109 Optimization: Journal of Research in Management HY Print
110 PACE: A Journal of Research of Prestige Institute of Management Dewas HY Print
111 Pacific Business Review International Q Print
112 Paradigm HY Print + Online
113 Parikalpana: KIIT Journal of Management HY Print
114 Prabandhan : Indian Journal of Management M Print
115 Prajnan : Journal of Social and Management Sciences Q Print
116 Pranjana: The Journal of Management Awareness HY Print
117 Pravara Management Review (PMR) HY Print
118 Prestige International Journal of Management and Research HY Print
119 Productivity Q Print
120 Raffles Business Review HY Print
121 Rail Transport Journal HY Print
122 Reserve Bank of India Bulletin M Print + Online
123 Review of Market Integration 3/Y Print + Online
124 SAARANSH: RKG Journal of Management HY Print
125 Science, Technology and Society 3/Y Print + Online
126 SCMS Journal of Indian Management Q Print + Online
127 SDMIMD Journal of Management Q Print
128 SEDME: Small Enterprise Development, Management & Extension Journal Q Print + Online
129 SFIMAR Research Review HY Print
130 Shodh Gyaan: Knowledge Through Research HY Print
131 SHODH: Journal of Management, Technology and Social Sciences HY Print
132 SHODH: Pioneer Journal of IT & Management HY Print
133 SIDDHANT: A Journal of Decision Making Q Print
134 South Asian Economic Journal HY Print + Online
135 South Asian Journal of Business and Management Cases HY Print + Online
136 South Asian Journal of Human Resource Management HY Print + Online
137 South Asian Journal of Macroeconomics and Public Finance HY Print + Online
138 South Asian Journal of Management Q Print
139 SPANDAN: Student Research Journal 3/Y Print
140 SRELS Journal of Information Management BM Print
141 Sugyaan: Management Journal of Siva Sivani Institute of Management HY Print
142 SYNERGY: I. T. S. Journal HY Print
143 University News W Print
144 Uttaranchal Business Review HY Print
145 Vikalpa: The Journal for Decision Makers Q Print + Online
146 Vinimaya Q Print
147 Vision: The Journal of Business Perspective Q Print + Online
148 World Digital Libraries: An International Journal HY Print

S No Name of the Magazine Frequency Access
149 Bloomberg Business Week W Print
150 Business India FRNT Print
151 Business Today FRNT Print
152 Business World FRNT Print
153 Capital Market FRNT Print + Online
154 Caravan M Print
155 Career360 M Print
156 Competition Refresher M Print
157 Competition Success Review (English) M Print
158 Corporate Citizen FRNT Print
159 Current Affairs: Made Easy M Print
160 Data Quest M Print
161 Digit M Print
162 Discover India M Print
163 Down to Earth FRNT Print
164 Economist, The W Print + Online
165 Education Post: Higher Education Review M Print
166 Entrepreneur M Print
167 Forbes Asia M Print
168 Forbes India FRNT Print
169 Fortune Asia M Print
170 G. K. Today M Print
171 Human Capital M Print + Online
172 Images Retail (English) M Print
173 India Today English W Print
174 Mutual Fund Insight M Print
175 National Geographic M Print
176 Open Source for You W Print
177 Outlook (English) W Print
178 Outlook Business FRNT Print
179 Outlook Money M Print
180 PC Quest M Print
181 People Matters M Print + Online
182 Pratiyogita Darpan (English) M Print
183 Reader’s Digest M Print
184 Retailer M Print
185 Shoes & Accessories M Print
186 Smart Manager, The BM Print
187 Southern Economist FRNT Print
188 Time W Print
189 Week, The W Print
190 Yojana (English) M Print